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Are there any cheap lawyers who can help me with my divorce trail or who can help me prepare for my trial?

Burlington, WI |

I have done lots of leg work for my trial . I have copies of all text and calls between my husband and his attorneys ( he has 2 attorneys ) and just need help putting it all together to present to the judge during trial . My husband since the divorce started been caught with his 2nd DUI and has also been charged with threating phone calls to me were he threatened to kill me but for some reason all the proof I have submitted to the GAL the GAL is still recommending split custody . I am fighting split custody cuss my husband was abusive during the whole marriage , we have been separated for over yrs and he has not been involved with my children schooling or medical needs and still isn't , he also lives over 31 miles from the kids schools so the children sit in a vehicle for hours everyday .

Sorry its not split custody its shared custody that was given to us during the summer and the judge hasnt addressed his need to change it because of the school year being in progress. We go to trial now in May were I can contest the custody. Also for some reason my original message has grammer errors it seems that the computer imput didnt submit right. Also there is a lot of violence in their father's home as he lives with his parents and brothers and their have been dozens of family trouble and alcohol related police calls to their home in the last 10yrs. I have these reports. There are also 13 people living in my husbands 1200 square foot home leaving my children to shares beds even though when I mentioned this in court he denied that they all live their.

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A "cheap" lawyer is not what you need in a divorce. What you want to find is a lawyer who is competent that you can afford. What you want to do is talk to some lawyers, explain your current situation, and see what they would charge to represent you. Go ahead, lawyers understand that people going through a divorce do not have unlimited amounts of money.

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Your first step is to contact your local legal aid agency. If they cannot provide you with an attorney, you can call attorneys to see about payment plans/options/rates each may have.

Disclaimer: This email message in no way creates an attorney client relationship between Majeski Law, LLC and the recipient. Responses are general in nature and do not constitute legal advice. You should consult a lawyer regarding any specific legal matter.

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Based upon the information you provided your case is not a simple or easy and a "cheap" lawyer will ordinarily give you what you pay for. Contact the Wisconsin State Bar for a referral or your local legal aid society. You need a good lawyer especially if your going to trial as soon as May. It sounds as if no real discovery has been done and what you think may be evidence may in fact not be. Please do yourself a favor and call a lawyer immediately.

I am licensed in Illinois and Wisconsin only I can not give advise in any other state. Any responses posted on Avvo do not constitute a contract and no attorney client relationship is created. Any answers given are based only upon the information provided and are not to be considered legal advice.

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