Are there any Charlotte litigation lawyers with jurisdiction in Maryland? Possible civil suit against stepmom for inheritance

Asked almost 2 years ago - Charlotte, NC

Believe she has stolen inheritance from my deceased dads asbestos lawsuit. Were told by his lawyers that we need to hire an attorney to get documents pertaining to the lawsuit. She says he had no will but his lawyer says he's pretty sure he did. He passed away in 2008. Is it too late to sue her and do I necessarily have to hire an attorney in Maryland? Also think she mishandled the Probate which was closed in 2010.

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    Answered . If your father lived in Maryland and the will was probated there, you will need a Maryland attorney. It may be difficult to challenge a probate almost 3 years after it was completed.

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    Answered . You have a bit of a strange set of facts. Normally, asbestos suits go on for MANY years. Settlements trickle in for a very long time, and the estate must be held open to continue to pursue legal action. So the first thing your attorney should look at is the wrongful death file, to see what happened, there. You would also have the attorney review the probate file. This needs to be done RIGHT AWAY, because there are statute of limitations issues.

    James Frederick

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    Answered . You would need a Maryland attorney.
    First issue is the statute of limitations because of 2008

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    Answered . I agree with the other answers, and I think you should ask the lawyer what it was that made him feel sure your dad had a will. Maybe he'll also know which lawyer was likely to have helped your dad prepare that will.

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