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Are there any attorneys who will take a breach of contract case on contingency? This case could recover several hundred thousand

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The buyer of our business has stopped paying us and he terminated my wife's employment contract that was ties to the sale of the business. He did so because he was mad at me. He knows we are in financial trouble and cannot afford a long expensive legal battle so he is bullying us into a settlement of pennies on the dollar. We want to fight this and feel is should be an easy win. Can someone please help?

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Although contingency fee arrangements are very familiar in the area of personal injury, they are also used in a variety of areas of law. It will, not surprisingly, depend upon the facts, the amount in dispute, and the legal and factual issues involved. A factor that will NOT be considered is whether the would-be plaintiff "feels it should be an easy win."

It would make sense for you to provide details, so that an attorney can decide whether it is a case in which he or she would consider a contingency fee.

Good luck to you.

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Yes, attorneys do take business and contractual disputes on contingent fee. Often the attorney fee is 40% of the net recovery. The client is always responsible for payment of all litigation costs as they incur; however, the professional fee may be contingent on the recovery. Many attorneys offer free consultations to review your case and discuss fee arrangements.

The information provided does not create an attorney client relationship. The information is provided as a consumer service. The specific facts of each case very and require deeper analysis. Ronald W. Chapman is licensed in Michigan and Florida and is not creating an attorney client relationship by answering this post or any other consumer question. If you need legal counsel please directly contact the attorney of your choice.


Yes, there are attorneys that take breach of contract cases on contingency. You should use avvo to find some local attorneys who specialize in this area of the law and just ask.

This correspondence does not create an attorney-client relationship. It is not meant to provide legal advice in that capacity. You may wish to consult an attorney in your area.

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