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Are the Words "No Comment" equivalent to a Refusal to Submit To Chemical Testing?

Chicago, IL |

The following incidents happened in Chicago, IL
Pulled Over For Tinted Windows.

Police Officer told me to step out of my vehicle and I complied. He then asked me for drivers license and I told him I did not have it. My drivers license is currently suspended. He then placed me in his squad car. There were two other passengers in my vehicle and he told them to start walking home.

Police report indicates:

-Very Strong Smell of Burnt Canabis Was Noticed On Person And In Breath of Driver and Red Glossy Eyes.

-Driver Could Not Produce Valid Drivers License

Driver Refused Chemical Testing

When the officer asked him if I would be willing to submit to chemical testing the driver responded "No Comment". All of this was being recorded in the squad. Are those two words the same as refusal

Attorney Answers 7

  1. You did not agree or submit. Therefore you refused.

  2. Yes they are. Anything other than immediate yes is a refusal. (Silence, no comment, even saying no and then changing your mind, asking for a blood test instead)

  3. Yes

    This is not intended as legal advice. No attorney / client relationship exists because of this response.

  4. Let's do it this way.
    If your girlfriend asked you to take her to the concert and you said no comment, what do you think that would mean.

  5. That answer would constitute a refusal.

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