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Are the creditors receive the BK7 petition before the trustee meeting?

Irwindale, CA |

.. if not how can they decide if yes or not to show up for the 431
meeting ? thanks

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    Creditors will not receive the Chapter 7 petition from the Court. The petition is public record and can be accessed at the Court or electronically if you have access to a Pacer account. If creditors are interested in receiving the petition, they may also request that information from the debtor's attorney. Some debtors' attorneys do not mind supplying that information upon request without charge.

    The 341 hearing is a hearing that most Chapter 7 creditors do not choose to attend. Creditors are entitled to ask questions that go to the existence of assets only. Creditors may not ask questions designed to further their own particular agendas unless those questions relate somehow to assets.

  2. They receive only a Notice that the BK has been filed (the same one you received).

  3. As my colleagues mentioned, they only receive a notice.

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  4. The creditors only get the notice of filing which is mailed to them by the court at the address you provide. If they want more info than that, they can access your particular case file via PACER and look at any of the relevant documents you filed in connection with your case. Creditors rarely appear at the Meeting of Creditors unless they want to know what you are going to do with any secured property or are non-institutional creditors who are curious about the process.

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