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Are Tenants by the Entirety deeds recognized and enforced in Colorado?

Glenwood Springs, CO |

My husband's ex-wife won a judgment against him and we are trying to protect our home.

So what is a way for a married couple who may have a malicious creditor after them protect their only home? Is there a way? Is it noteworthy that the creditor is a Court-diagnosed crazy law-breaker (found guilty of keying ex-spouse's car, ordered to pay repair costs, put on probation), who has lost all custody of the children (they live with father) because of her problems? I find it hard to believe that most judges would enable her to kick the children and married parents out of their sole home. Are we just worrying too much?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. It depends on when you purchased the property. See link below.

  2. No. There is no such thing in Colorado.

  3. No. Tenants in the Entirety deeds are not recognized in CO.

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