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Are radar detectors legal in Illinois.

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Hello Stellar Solicitors,

I recently bought a used Lexus, that used to be a fleet vehicle, and I inoticed two strange lights on the dashboard. I looked through the owners manual and could find no mention of what the lights are for. However, after a lot of research I think I may have a N700/SW/SWL radar detector by a company called K40 Electronics.

Now, I'm kind of a slow driver, so I think I will turn off the detector as soon as I find the hidden control. However, my concern is if having this radar and laser detector installed could get me into trouble.

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    Radar detectors in private vehicles are legal in Illinois. That said, radar detectors are illegal in commercial vehicles under the Illinois Traffic Code (625 ILCS 5/12-714).

    A radar/laser jamming device is illegal in Illinois (625 ILCS 5/12-613). I am not familiar with the type of device you describe. If it is a detector only you should be fine. If it is a jamming device, it is illegal.

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  2. In Illinois, radar detectors are only illegal in commercial vehicles under 625 ILCS 5/12-714. If you are operating a personal vehicle, you would not be subject to this statute. However, you must make sure that the model you specified is not a radar or laser jamming device. These devices are illegal in Illinois for all types of motor vehicles.

  3. Detectors are legal. It is possible, though unlikely, that you have a radar or laser "jammer" which would be illegal.

  4. You're OK in Illinois with a radar detector in a non-commercial vehicle. Just be careful if you do any interstate driving, checking with the laws of any state you may be traveling through.