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Are police obligated to pull u over right away if they know a felony has been committed?

Braddock, PA |
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police knew of us committing a crime then were called,then followed us around for 45 mins to see what we were going to do they have a obligation to pull you over right away or can they try to set you up like this?the crime commited was aggravated assault with DW and terroristic threats.

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No. They can choose to arrest you or not arrest you at any time after the crime has been committed. If you dont commit crimes, they waste their time, but you certainly get no benefit from the police decision to see what happens next.

Get a good defense attorney. Stop posting admissions online. There may be defenses to your crimes, but this certainly is not one of them.

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You do not have a civil lawsuit against the police, based on what you have posted.
They can follow you all they want and they can write a report about all of the actions that they observed. Likely, they could even videotape all of your actions that were committed in public, even without a warrant. There is a potential defense to certain types of crimes if the police just wait for you to commit more crimes (like dealing drugs), but that theory does not sound applicable to your case. You have the right to an attorney, even if you cannot afford one, so you should apply for a public defender immediately if you do not already have an attorney.

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