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Are people spending less time in jail now? I was told by a judge that 4 days straight would satisfy the 180 days

San Diego, CA |

of court ordered jail time because there is some federal law or something and people are spending less time in jail. I don't understand how that applies to state time in jail. Anyone know?

Attorney Answers 6

  1. It varies by county and according to your charges, medical condition and sex. In some counties, people are serving the whole 50% (i.e. Orange County).

  2. Depending on which county you were sentenced in will determine how long you spend in jail. Ventura is 50%. Los Angeles could be days because of over crowding.


  3. County jail sentences are playing out at under 50% actual time in most instances, but not that much under 50%.

  4. All the privious answers are correct, but are also concerning county jail time, not, state prison time. State prison inmates are not given early release due to overcrowding.

  5. On average, 50 percent of the total sentence time will be served.

  6. I agree with my colleagues here. 50% in San Diego County, and even less in some counties due to overcrowding (such as Los Angeles).

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