Are owners/managers of rented storage space liable for theft of personal items placed in their storage? At your own risk?

The managers of this mobile home park state they are not liable for thief of personal items such as batteries out of your boat even tho they will not allow you to park it under your own carport. You must use their storage or take it elsewhere.

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Leonard Komen

Leonard Komen

Commercial Real Estate Attorney - Saint Louis, MO

If you have a written agreement concerning storage, look for a clause that says the landlord is not liable. Such clauses are enforceable. If not written agreement and it is space controlled by you, the landlord will not be liable. If it is space controlled by the landlord, that will be governed what is called a "bailment." In such case the landlord is required to use ordinary care to safeguard your property in his possession or control, but does not guarantee it safety under all circumstances.

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