Are non-compete agreements enforceable in Michigan?

I signed a 12-month non-compete when I joined my current employer and I'm wondering if non-competes are generally enforceable in Michigan.

Ann Arbor, MI -

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Scot Curtis Putzig

Scot Curtis Putzig

Employment / Labor Attorney - Saginaw, MI

Yes, non-competes for a reasonable time, geographic area, and job-related scope are enforceable in Michigan.

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David J. Hutchinson

David J. Hutchinson

General Practice Lawyer - Ann Arbor, MI

Yes they are, if reasonable, but you should have a good lawyer look at yours and understand your specific situation.

Jason Matthew Shinn

Jason Matthew Shinn

Employment / Labor Attorney - Keego Harbor, MI

In addition to the great responses provided by Mr. Putzig and Mr. Hutchinson, you may want to review the post below that discuss in more detail Michigan non-compete law. Best to you going forward.

I'm licensed to practice law in Michigan ( and I primarly focus on employment law and... more

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