Are juvenile records made visible to prospective employers if you get into trouble with law as an adult? (For a different crime)

Asked about 1 year ago - Newport Beach, CA

I was booked for felony(forgery,grand theft) as juvenile. I was let go after being asked to perform community service and counseling sessions, no court. The docs recvd at arraignment states" Prosecutor prefiling deferral". As an adult, I was booked for a misdemeanor (DUI). I am actively looking for a job and am aware that the background check would reveal my misdemeanor but would it also show up my arrest as a juvenile? I thought juvenile records aren't public but at this point when as an adult I have a criminal history, would anyone trying to check on me also find out about my juvenile arrest? Do the updated records reveal the entire history or does it still keep juvenile history private? I plan to get it sealed after my probation, but I was wondering where I stand as on today. Thank you

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  1. Andrew Joseph Bouvier-Brown

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    Answered . Any juvenile records should still remain private. If there winds up being a problem, make sure you contact an attorney to help you.

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  2. David Isaac Hammond

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    Answered . Juvenile records are not automatically sealed. You may want to consult with an attorney about your specific situation for a more detailed analysis. Good luck.

  3. Michael Alessandro Molfetta

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    Answered . There are several issues here. There are certain jobs that may have access to those records. Government jobs for example. The notion that juvenile records are automatically sealed is untrue. There are ways to seal them. You should go to the clerk of the court and see what you need to do. often times it can be done without having to pay an Attorney to do so.

  4. Denise Francesca Crawford

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    Answered . If you never went to court, there was never a true finding that you committed a crime. In adult terms, this means you were never convicted of a crime. If this was a "pre-filing deferral" you were handled informally and you do not have a juvenile record with the court. I am somewhat confused by your sequence of events because you state that at "arraignment" you received documents. If you never went to court, you were never arraigned.

    Juvenile court records are confidential and not available to the public. Unless you are applying for a government security clearance, or a law enforcement position, it is highly unlikely a juvenile record would be discovered through routine background. Welfare and Institutions code 827 prohibits ANY release of any juvenile court record without a court order to any unrelated party. Sealing further safeguards any records. You should check with the probation department that handled your case and ask to seal your records. The probation department should be able to tell you if you (1) have a court record (2) if you do, help you seal that record. Check with probation before you spend money on an attorney.

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