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Are injury and criminal attorneys' cases worth the most?

Orlando, FL |

Out of all the attorneys? Just wondering, thanks.

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  1. Depends on what YOU consider "worth the most." Criminal defense attorneys cannot charge a client a contingency fee in any state. That is illegal. A personal injury attorney can charge a contingency fee which ranges but is usually 1/3 to 40% of the case. So it depends on whose perspective you look at it from. If you think you need an attorney, you probably do - consult with one and then make an informed decision.

  2. The answer really depends on the specific cases being handled.

  3. I am not sure what you mean either, by worth the most. Are you asking if those types of cases generate the most in fees? As noted by the other answers, each case is different and the fee to the attorney is controled by the complexity of the case or the recovery if an injury case. Other attorneys may recieve more in fees on an hourly rate - it all depends on the legal issues and the type of case.

    Good Luck
    Ron Slonaker, Attorney
    Ocala, FL


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