Are HOA dues (e.g. regular assessments, special assessments, late fees and legal fees) considered consumer debts?

My HOA has a history of condo law violations, including levying special assessments that were not used for repairs (kind of like bait and switch). Is it a violation of consumer law? Many unit owners in my building have gone under losing homes to HOA eviction and/or foreclosure (one filed bankruptcy after foreclosure etc). We need a way out. Please help.

Chicago, IL -

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Alan James Brinkmeier

Alan James Brinkmeier

Lawsuit / Dispute Attorney - Chicago, IL

If owners of property belonging to a homeowners' association do not pay the required monthly (sometimes annual) fees as well as any special assessments, the homeowners' association can legally foreclose on the delinquent homeowner.

What HOA history of "law violations" are you talking about?

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