Are Criminal Records Public? Can any one request & view them? I would like to offer this service as part of my business?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Imperial, CA

How can incorporate this service as part of my business if is legal to do it?
Who do I contact first to start? THANKS!

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    Answered . If you go to the clerk's office of a courthouse in California and as to view an individual case, there is a lot of material that will be removed from the case before you are allowed to view it. That includes all material with a victim's address or identifying info and arrest and investigative reports. The docket is visible and most case material pertaining to status of the case.

    It is hard to offer you any specific insight without understanding the nature of the value to clients in the service you propose to offer. There are already many well-funded and established firms and vendors that do background checks and other info reporting.

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    Answered . Criminal records are public.

    But, the government not a private business controls them.

    Find a differing line of work.

  3. Answered . Many employment agencies have people literally sitting in the business offices at court on call to conduct background checks on people. Yes they are public record. Jurisdictions differ in what information is released to the public, i.e. mugshots and arrests. However, the basic information ad procedural history for each case is readily available at any courthouse in California, absent a court order to seal.

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