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Are any financial questions asked by the judge in the courtroom in the case of an uncontested divorce?

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Both parties had separate assets, finances, debts, etc and neither party is claiming anything from the other. Both parties are waiving their rights to discovery. Please advise.

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Each judge has their own style and is likely to ask different questions. Both parties should have to file, at the least, separate financial affidavits and documentation of bank and retirement accounts, loans and debts. If the judge is satisfied that full disclosure has been made and that each party is agreeing to the marital settlement agreement voluntarily and with full knowledge, then further questions are less likely. Also, if it appears to the judge that the financial disclosure by each side is in disagreement or that there are other signs of less than full accounting of marital assets and debts provided for in the settlement agreement, that would call for additional questioning by the judge. Good luck.

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Yes, the Judge may decide to ask questions in regards to finances. Each Judge in divorce cases handle cases differently.

Legal disclaimer: This answer is offered for informational purposes only. It is not offered as, and does not constitute, legal advice nor does it constitute an attorney-client relationship. Thank You

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