Aprroved 130, Marriage Based Green Card. Legal entry No passport or I-94

Asked 9 months ago - Raleigh, NC

My Borther and SIster have Border Crossing Cards on the cards the Date of entry are in the year 1989..i was born in 1991 My Mother claims that i was Brought along with my Brother and sister in the year 1992. I have the original bus ticket from el paso to California and a Disney Land ticket aswell. I was brought at the age of 1 years old as a passenger in a vehicle, we were "admitted" through the port of entry, which is considered a legal "admission" by virtue of having been "waived through". I dont have an I-94 or passport. My question is Can i use my borther and sister as even more support to prove legal entry? The date of entry on their BCC is in 1989 but they have a 10 year exp date from what i know. So i want to kno if that is the acutal date my mom got them or used them?

Additional information

I am Married to a US Citizen with an approved I130 wanting to apply for a Marriage Based Green Card.

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  1. Alexander Joseph Segal

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    Answered . You are seeking legal advice not general information. For that, please see an immigration lawyer.

    The information contained in this answer is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed... more
  2. Kyndra L. Mulder


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    Answered . What is the purpose of your asking? It sounds like you have sufficient evidence for a DACA application if that is what you are asking about. You will also need evidence that you have remained in the USA since that entry.

  3. Rebekah Grafton


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    Answered . You should meet with an immigration attorney about how this will affect your eligibility for adjustment of status. This will not be a straightforward case, and this area of immigration law is complicated. You may be able to apply for adjustment of status, but that can only be determined through a consultation.

  4. Benjamin Albert Snyder

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    Answered . Generally speaking, one may demonstrate legal entry for the purposes of adjustment of status by documentary evidence--such as an entry stamp or an I-94--or by testimony. Documentary evidence is of course the most reliable, but if you do not have documentary evidence then the sworn testimonial statement of your family may be sufficient to demonstrate lawful entry. The is, of course, no guarantee USCIS will accept sworn states as sufficient proof of lawful entry, but it is not frivolous to try. Someone in your position would do well to consult with an experience immigration attorney to help you put together the best adjustment of status application package you can and to represent you in your adjustment interview.

    The above answer by attorney Benjamin Snyder is offered for general information purposes only and does not... more
  5. Wendy Rebecca Barlow

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    Answered . What are you trying to establish? It is unclear what this information is being used for. You would be best advised to schedule a consultation with an experienced immigration attorney to discuss the matter in more detail.

    The information contained in this answer is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed... more
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