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Approximate cost of Modification of Parenting time Case with an Attorney that will go to trial

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What is the most expensive part of a modification of parenting time case that goes to trial? I have been a party to this case since July and I have been Pro-Se. I've been doing quite well so far, but now it is getting difficult. We are on the docket sound for December with a trial date sometime the 1st wk of Jan. No discovery has been made, but he has filed an answer denying everything. I filed a petition to modify time from rotating custody to every other wkn with Dad. He has been pro-se as well. We have had mediation, and could not come to an agreement. How important is Discovery, and with an average attorney fee of $250/hr what am I looking at in costs?

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It is difficult to give you a retainer quote without more information. I would suggest scheduling an initial consultation with a local family law attorney

The answer to any question is for general purposes only and does not establish an attorney/client relationship. Call today if you would like a free initial consultation.

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I recommend consulting with a local attorney. Each case is different.


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If you have a trial coming up and there has been no discovery you are looking at several thousand dollars for an initial retainer.

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