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Applying for citizenship with a "deferred adjudication", selling alcohol to a minor.

San Antonio, TX |

I am living in US since 2007 as PR. On 2011, when I used to work in a GasStation, on my 17th Day of work, I got a ticket for selling alcohol to a minor. Same day I quit that Job.
After 3 months of this incident, sheriff called and asked to come policeStation, I went there arrest for 2 hrs by giving a court date. Then I faced County Court with a lawyer and plead guilty. The Judge gave me 16hrs community service+1 day probation+$502.00 (which include fine-$200, court fee, sheriff fee etc.)
I have completed everything and the case was dismissed. I dont have anyother record except two dismissed traffic ticket
Now I am thinking to apply for citizenship and worried about the consequences.
Is there any possibility to get denied?
If denied, do I need to wait for another 5 years?
Please Advice

What they will do for me??? from previous experience, my lawyer didn't do anything! Judge gave me and option if I plead guilty then this or if I go to trial then something else. He insist me to plead guilty and he even couldn't reduce fines or skip probation!!! I am confused now, if I hire a lawyer then he/she will advice me to apply and then he will follow Immigration Officer. That's the reason I wanted to know the consequences. What is the actual rules in Naturalization for this kind of offenses. Please advice

Attorney Answers 2

  1. My advice to all non-citizens with criminal entanglements is to get an advisory opinion done by a criminal immigration lawyer who understands the interplay. Some deferred adjudications are convictions for immigration purposes. Some are not. Some statues of conviction are malignant and some are benign. Before you go before CIS, you should know.

  2. Don't represent yourself. Hire a lawyer as soon as possible. Good luck!

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