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Applied to be represented by an attorney under indigent status, request denied. What usually happens in these types of cases?

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I went to use a restroom facility at a hotel in Aventura, Florida on my way out I was arrested by the police for loitering, trespassing, and resisting arrest without violence. I applied for indigent status for attorney representation. On first appearance, Judge informed me I'm not entitled to an attorney because no jail time is involved, and case was set for trial. Could you tell me what happens in these cases, are the charges usually dropped?

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  1. I have attempted to edit your practice area as this is a criminal defense question and not a Social Security question.

    It sounds as if you applied for a public defender and make too much money to qualify? If you are disabled, try explaining that to the public defender's office or the judge. If you do not qualify, you should contact the local bar association and ask if they have a pro bono program or a reduced fee program.

    I hope that this was helpful and I wish you well. Remember to re-post in the Avvo criminal defense practice area.

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  2. The charges seem a little weird. But, if the judge certified no jail, then you are not entitled an appointed attorney. You are, however, entitled an attorney that you hire, and I suggest you do so.

  3. It is unlikely that the charges will just be dropped.

    There must be a reason the police arrested you because going to the bathroom is not a crime... even in Aventura.

    If the State of Florida certifies no jail then you are not entitled to a court appointed lawyer.

    There is definitely more going on here than you put in your narrative. I would strongly recommend that you interview and retain a skilled criminal defense attorney her in Miami. Feel free to contact me should you decide to go that route. My offices are located here in South Florida.

    Best of luck.

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