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Applied N-400 with "Yes" on citations(Section D). Recently got yellow letter requesting certified copy of arrests. Help!!!

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Dear Lawyers/Attorneys
I recently applied (Feb 16th 2013) applied for citizenship with a yes section d for citations and listed my citations as a traffic violation. There were mainly speeding tickets. I got done with my finger prints as well. May 19th I received a yellow letter from USCIS stating the following "You indicated in the application that you have been arrested. For these arrests and any other incidents in which you may have been involved, bring original copies of all arrest records and court dispositions showing how each incident was resolved".
What I have is only 3 speeding tickets from 3 years ago (3 diff county) and my DMV record that was pulled recently does not show any citations (for whatever reason). What should I do now ? Can I just explain this in the interview? HELP!

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  1. Take your DMV printout and proof of payment of citations and explain that you have never been arrested.

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  2. Write a letter and explain. No record is needed for this.

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  3. If you were convicted of a misdemeanor, you can request the certified register of actions from the courthouse to show that the fine was already paid off. As long as you respond with evidence and / or an explanation, everything should be alright.

  4. Don't freak out, the USCIS letter just isn't worded well and I don't think they are saying they think you've been arrested. I assume you answered "yes" to the question that asks if you've ever been arrested, detained, or cited and they're asking for evidence relating to the reason you answered "yes." In your case this would be copies of the citations (if available) or records of the citations, as well as proof that any outstanding fines or tickets have been paid. I think it would be worth your while to track down all the records, just for your own peace of mind, even if it is kind of a pain because they're located in different counties. Oftentimes it's possible to call the county sherriff's office or county court and speak to their records clerk who can mail you the records for a small fee.

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