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Appliance replacement

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I am promptly scheduling replacement of an above range microwave that has broken in a unit that I am renting. I've done this promptly but trying to schedule an appointment for installation has become a problem: the two tenants say neither will available anytime over the next several weeks because they are busy with work and want me to let the service folks in to replace the unit. I've given them the opportunity to schedule with the installers for a time that is convenient for them, but they say thats not acceptable---won't even contact the installer. Its difficult for me to get to this location, so I would like to know what my obligations are as landlord in this situation. By providing a replacement and giving them the ability to schedule install, my assumption was I've done my part.

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The answer depends on a couple of things. I assume the unit is within the city limits of Chicago, which means the tenant has a legal duty imposed by the Chicago Residential Landlord-Tenant Act to allow the landlord or the landlord's agents (i.e. the installers) access to the unit to replace fixtures (appliances) or conduct maintenance. Further, your written lease (if properly drafted) should contain a list of the landlord's duties in regards to broken fixtures. Most form leases do not require "absolute" duties to repair, but instead the landlord is only required to act reasonably in providing repairs.

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