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Apartment moveout , proof of new carpet installation

Morrisville, NC |

Hi, I lived in an apartment for 2 years which is managed by some very big company. I moved out and they are charging me around $1200/- that includes carpet, vinyl floor etc.
I knew carpet needs replace. But, they said, I need to pay 3 yrs worth of carper and vinyl as i lived 2 years based on their 5 yr policy. But I am pretty sure that it was not brand new carpet or vinyl floor in kitchen when I moved in.
1. All I want know is can I ask them to provide me the proof that it was installed brand new when i moved in 2 years ago?
2. What if they say they don't want to provide?

This apartment is in Morrisville, NC

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That sounds like an excessive amount of money for carpet and a vinyl floor. Are there other charges besides replacing the flooring?

Sure, you can ask for proof of when the carpet was installed. That doesn't mean that they have to provide it or that they are even able to. Often a dispute over rent, a security deposit, or damage to an apartment is controlled by terms of the lease. Does your lease speak to the carpet and vinyl floors? Did you pay a security deposit? If so that may be applied to the damages.

If you want to dispute charges that you landlord is claiming the best thing to do is take your lease, any photos of your apartment that illustrates the damage (or ideally lack there of) to an attorney who can help you determine what your liabilities are before you pay out such a large sum.

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