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Apartment application background check

Oldsmar, FL |
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About a year ago I was charged with a feline but was never convicted. I went to court and part of my plea enabled me to her adjudication withheld. Do I need to worry about being rejected while applying to apartments when they run criminal background checks?

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  1. Just don't apply to apartments that don't allow cats....since you were charged with a feline, ba da bump. Seriously though, the felony charge and the disposition will appear on your check, so you will have to deal with the issue. Different landlords may treat the issue differently, so while you may be rejected by some, you will not necessarily be rejected by all.

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  2. I agree with Ms. Morcroft, and if disclose you history up from you might save some time if you bring copies of the final paperwork.
    Good Luck

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  3. You may want to worry about it, but the reality is that it may or may not be an issue. Time will tell.

  4. Yes it'll show up, but many apartments won't mind it depending on the kind of felony it is.

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