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Anyone know a lawyer in FL that is also licensed to practice in TN for workers comp/bad faith/Wrongful termination?

Englewood, FL |

Hi, I am having a difficult time finding a lawyer in Florida that is also licensed to practice in TN. I have a complicated case that involves an on the job injury, negligent workers comp adjuster, wrongful termination, untreated injury and a misdiagnosis. It spiraled out of control. Since I was based in TN at the time, it is a TN jurisdiction. When I was directed by my boss to reopen workers comp case early this year after a hospital visit, I was placed on a leave of absence while waiting on adjuster to make an appointment with the Florida physician they approved. That never happened and then I was fired. My union says I need a lawyer.

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  1. According to the Florida Bar website, there are only 16 attorneys licensed to practice in both Florida and Tennessee who list Labor & Employment as a practice area. You can find them by starting your search here:

    That said, you commented that: "Since I was based in TN at the time, it is a TN jurisdiction." Before you resign yourself to that conclusion of law, talk to an experienced Florida workers' comp lawyer about this issue. You might actually be able to bring the claim under Florida's W/C law, despite whatever the adjuster told you about the law or the employer's insurance policy in place. I fought this battle for a client and won. See link below. Sometimes, the claimant has the ability to pick which state's jurisdiction you want to invoke. I know nothing about TN's laws or your facts; so, I cannot suggest where you'd be better off. But, it's important to know whether you have a choice and, if so, to let a lawyer advise you which state's laws would suit your situation better. Please seek out this advice now, before it's too late.

  2. Jurisdiction is where YOU decide it is. You should choose whichever forum is more favorable and convenient. Discuss this with a Florida WC attorney to analyze the best strategy. If the case is filed in Tennessee, you need to appear for any hearings or IME's in Tennessee.

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