Any other companies such as MIB that helps locate missing life insurance policies?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Ridgewood, NJ

A family member passed away recently and there were life insurance policies but the person never gave the name of the company. I know there are companies such as MIB (policy finder) that helps located (or at least try to find applications submitted); is there any other companies such as this? I know people say there are private firm that does search for a fee but never a specific name of the private firms.

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  1. Peter Joseph Lamont


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    Answered . While I don't typically like to give out recommendations or referrals on this site, I have worked with an investigator who may be able to assit you. His contact info is:
    John Bracey
    Randolph, Young & Chapman Co., Inc.
    Professional Investigators
    PO Box 647
    Alpharetta, GA 30009-0647
    770.804.0000 Phone
    770.671.0716 Fax

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  2. Howard Robert Roitman

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    Answered . Services to help you find lost life insurance policies

    The best starting point is to make sure your policy isn't lost in the first place. That's the sole responsibility of the policyholder. When that doesn't happen, there are services to help beneficiaries.

    The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has a “Life Insurance Company Location System” to help you find specific state insurance department personnel who might help identify companies that could have written a policy on your relative. offers a life insurance policy registry. You can store your name and insurance company names for free. You do not have to enter your full social security number, policy number or other account information. Beneficiaries can search the database for $9.95.

    If your relative bought life insurance within the last 14 years, MIB Group likely has records showing the insurers to which he applied. MIB maintains a database of life insurance application data that insurers use to reduce fraud. Records won't show from whom he purchased a policy, but they will show any trail of applications. Record searches can be requested through MIB's Policy Locator Service and cost $75 each.

    Paul Archibald, a retired insurance professional in Virginia, runs a Lost Life Insurance Finding Expert service. Archibald will fax letters to customer service centers at insurance companies, asking if your deceased relative had any life insurance policies which designated you as the beneficiary. If the insurer finds a policy, Archibald then asks the company to contact you directly to start the claim process.

    The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators offers a website where you can conduct a free online national search for missing money, including life insurance policies. You'll be successful only if the policy has been deemed unclaimed and transferred to the state.

    The materials available at this web site are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing... more

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