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An officer told me that if i wanted to be in the police field that they wouldnt want me due to the fact tht i lied.Is that true?

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A while back during school break i was out after curfew about 2:30am and i was with my boyfriend &went to the park.We were in the back seat listening to music. We then saw a bright light & a police officer asked us to get out so we did. She asked us our names &age. i was afraid that the 2 year age difference between me &my boyfriend would matter so i said i was one year younger than him. So they had us stand outside &call our parents and my parents didnt answer after many calls because they were of course asleep. So then they started to ask me questions&felt really bad tht i had lied to the police so i told them i lied&told them my real age&they hang cuffed me and took me to the police station. They then had a police officer go to my house and wake my parents up.they then came&got me.

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If you didn't get charged with a crime or a juvenile offense how will other offficers or police departments know?


Your question is somewhat confusing. By "in the police field" do you mean get a job as a police officer?

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