An inmate at ADC revoked her parole and got sent back. How can she be up for parole again??

A prior female inmate at ADC got sentenced 30 years for controlled substance and delivery. She served 3 years and got out on parole. She REVOKED her parole with the same charges and is now sent back. How can she be up for parole AGAIN in only 8 months?? Does she stand a chance??? She did horrible things to her children and it upsets me to know that she will only get a slap on the hand for the things she has done. I thought you went back to do the rest of your time if you revoked your parole??

North Little Rock, AR -

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Melvin Richard Welch

Melvin Richard Welch

Criminal Defense Attorney - Saint Paul, MN

When a person is incarcerated in prison after conviction, there is an automatic system which generates periods at which point the person becomes eligible for parole. That person will then have a hearing before the Parole Board, which may then release that person. If a person is denied, they have the right to immediately apply for reconsideration.

If a person is revoked from their parole, they will be sent back to prison for a period of time. Typically, that time is from 0 to 12 months. For more information, you should refer to the Arkansas Parole Board website.

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