An ex-friend is accusing me of defamation of Character, does she have any legal grounds.

Asked 8 months ago - Mesa, AZ

This friend filed a false police report saying that I was suicidal, and tried to stab her, everything was proven false, and she was arrested. She ensured all my neighbors knew what I was accused of and I've had to repeatedly prove it was false. I told her to never contact me again, she humiliated me and caused intense emotional suffering. One neighbor approached me because this ex friend owed her money, we got to talking and again I had to prove the allegations against me were false. Now this ex friend is saying I've slandered her name. She lives on the border of Chandler and Queen Creek and I'm in east mesa, None of her neighbors were informed, the only one in her life who knew is her husband. Also is it slander to say in my opinion a man has little honor if he calls a woman stupid?

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    Answered . She has no legitimate claim against you, based on the facts you've presented here.

    1) Truth is always a defense in slander cases, so if what you're saying is true, you would be protected.

    2) She does not have any damages from the information you've presented here.

    3) It is unlikely any attorney would take her case, based on the information you've provided. Not enough damages to file a suit, and the content of the "slander" itself doesn't most likely rise to the level of legal slander.

    4) You tell people that in your opinion a man has little honor if he calls a woman stupid. Go right on ahead.

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    Answered . It is not slander to state your opinion -- opinion is protected speech. Slander is when you communicate an untrue fact to a third party and it thereby damages the other person's reputation.

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    Answered . I agree with my colleagues; slander requires knowingly making a false statement of fact. In addition, truth is an absolute defense against slander.

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