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An employee has left. Which immigration form do we submit? Are we in danger?

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This is a four part question:

1. One of our religious workers has left our employment and has stayed in the United States to find new employment (new sponsor) for a new visa. We had sponsored an R-1 visa for him. There are about four more years remaining on his current R-1 visa. Which form should we submit to the USCIS to inform them of his leaving?

2. Once we inform the USCIS, are we still responsible for this person or his actions if at all anything goes wrong?

3. Are we responsible if this person is unable to find a new sponsor (doesn't apply for a new visa for any reason) and lives & works in the United States illegally?

4. Is this situation a cause for concern in regards to our credibility with the USCIS?

Kindly address all the four parts. Thank you very much.

Consulting with an attorney is something we are pursuing and if that is all we needed we wouldn't be asking for opinion here on Could someone kindly answer the questions?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. You definitely should consult with an experienced immigration attorney about this situation.

    This forum is not designed to provide a complete legal analysis and advice about your situation. It is designed to provide some suggestions.

    I suggest that you find an experienced immigration attorney in your area.

    (734) 369-3131. This communication does not establish and attorney-client relationship with the Law Office of Michael Carlin PLLC or any individual member of the office. Confidential information should not be sent through this form.

  2. You may notify CIS directly and contact an immigration attorney to review any potential exposure you may have.

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