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An arrest was made to the individual that broke my car window. labeled criminal mischief.

Staten Island, NY |

Two individuals have been vandalizing and harassing me. upon arrest for criminal mischief, the girlfriend knocks on my door to inform I better drop the charges or else...what can I do to have this person arrested or penalized? I need a restraining order but nothing is being pursued. NYPD gave perpetrator a court desk ticket appearance. Where does that leave me??

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Go to your nearest police precinct and report what the woman has said to you. No one has the right to make a fellow person feel threatened or in danger of imminent bodily harm. Calmly, but firmly explain to the police all that has transpired with the two individuals who have vandalized your property and now what this woman has said and done. This should get the police to take action on your behalf. Be sure to save any emails or letters that are sent to you by anyone in connection with these people and save any voice messages that they may leave you.

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Call the police and the DA.

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I would add to Mr. Greenspan's answer that you call the DA and see if the case can be calendared for you to ask the Court for an order of protection. This girl's behavior may rise to the level of intimidating a witness.

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Definitely make a police report. In my experience witness tampering is treated as an extremely serious crime because it undermines the entire criminal justice system. You should also contact the Richmond County DA's office. Be ready to record any future interactions and once you report the incident, follow up by seeking an order of protection. Because there was a desk appearance ticket, you did not automatically received an order of protection.

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