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American Express issue. I'll try to explain best I can. He had a disability insurance tacked on to his Platinum or Gold Card.

Augusta, GA |

Paid on disability policy in addition to regular payment. Acccident in store on wax and total disabled as a result with neck and back injuries not operable. *File in 30 DAYS* We could not get ALL the paperwork back from ALL the doctors in that time declaring total disability. They refused his claim on that. No one was helpful at all..resentful if anything. Been on medication for pain since 2002 no physical therapy due to increased pain. No other insurance and NOW declared disabled by at least 5 different doctors..Even within the 30 days they refused to cooperate. We hope NOW to have a lawyer take them on..due to their negligence. They were nasty. We've lost house , business and 3 cars. and respect of anyone who believes in insurance & AMEX. SIMPLY - THEY DEFRAUDED US. IM ANGRY

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I’m surprised you have not already consulted with an attorney, but it is too late to turn the clock back now. I cannot tell by your facts whether he was injured while working, nor do we know the date of the injury but I recommend he call a Workers Comp/Personal Injury attorney. They almost always give free consultations. He/she will be able to advise him on his specific claim as to whether he has any options there. In some instances, you may be able to find a Social Security disability attorney in the same firm as the WC/PI, but not always. I highly recommend he go ahead and contact a Social Security disability attorney as well. NOSSCR is a great source for referrals. There are many factors to consider such as his age, education, work experience and the documentation of injury and specific limitations. A practiced attorney will be able to walk him through this process and advise on the best time to file. In terms of insurance plans, “the terms set the terms” for the most part. In most cases you have to follow their rules to be covered. There are often avenues available for appeal, they just don’t often amount to an approval. Good luck to you both.

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I am very sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately it looks like a lot of time has passed. When it comes to legal matters, time is very important! However, your question really doesn't ask a question.

Actual legal advice can only be provided by an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction, with experience in the area of law regarding your question. The information provided is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice.


Although I agree with Ms. Hatcher and Mr. Austin, I would like to add that I think you should consult an attorney who specializes in private disability policies in addition to a Social Security disability attorney. You can look them up under long-term disability, short term disability, private disability policies, and ERISA.

Disclaimer: the above does not constitute legal advice and is only an opinion of the author as to current law. You should consult an attorney with questions about your particular situation.



Hi I hope this goes straight to you Mr Palso.. We have had attorney representation all along....which is why we are in this *** mess. I need police for the lawyer... Suggest ? HE was declared disabled 2004 the judge approved it day we saw him. not take months to get thru. It was obvious . So why isnt it to the legal representation WE depend on as citizens.... Yes im in a bad mood. We lost everything waiting on the lawyer to FILE THE SUIT* JUST FILE IT AND THEN LET US FIGHT IF NEEDED IN COURT HE REFUSED*

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