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Am I still eligible for misdemeanor probation(never been charged with a misdemeanor), if I've been on Felony probation.

Arlington, TX |

I rented a television from a rental store and sold it to a friend because I needed the money. I lost my job shortly after that and the company is threatening to file theft charges on me for the $1300 I owe. I have never had a misdemeanor or theft charge but was on felony probation years ago for drug charges.

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Brian Richard Gray

Brian Richard Gray


How verbose! What if the felony was deferred and lived out? What if the Judge agrees to probation? What if the state agrees?


I believe you are eligible for misdemeanor probation (community control). It is certainly less likely if you have a prior felony case, but that is not a disqualifier.

The only disqualifying conditions are listed in Code of Criminal Procedure Article 42.12, Section 3. You do not appear to be disqualified under the information you provided.

I see that one colleague has already reached the opposite conclusion, so I am open to correction. That being said, my current reading of the law suggests that you are eligible for probation

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If you were successfully discharged from a deferred felony probation, the answer is yes. Even if you were convicted of a felony you can be given probation by a Judge in any misdemeanor case, you just cannot make an application for probation from a jury.


Yes. In a plea if the State agrees and the judge agrees or if the judge punished you, he could grant probation. You could not get from a jury.

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