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Am I responsible for paying for my friend's car damages?

Raleigh, NC |

I was driving my friend's vehicle with his permission and ended up grazing the right end of his bumper with another vehicle. He only has liability insurance but not collision. He is threatening to take this issue to court; however, under the circumstance that he gave me permission to drive his car, do you think I would be legally obliged to pay for his damages? Oddly enough, his insurance company also contacted to me while I was still in school to let me know that they were going to handle the matter and that they were to take the fault of the damages. What do I do?

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  1. Shirt answer is yes. Event hough he gave you permission, the Georgia courts would likely find that you drove with negligence and hold you responsible. Even more to be concerned about.... His insurance company could settle with the other driver and file suit against you for those damages as well.
    Please don't consider this to be an atty-client relationship or a legal opinion. Please seek the advice of a licensed lawyer in your area.

  2. Yes, you are responsible for damage to his car resulting from the "grazing;" you are also responsible for the damage to the other vehicle however, his insurance company, pursuant to the liability policy, will pay for that damage.

  3. Yes. I believe you are responsible.

  4. You broke it, you fix it. What if it was the reverse?

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