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Am I qualified to get a compromise on my child support arrearages?

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I called Child Support to inquire how I can get a compromise on my arrearages. I was told that no compromise can be had without a court order. The child support order came out three years ago. I voluntarily left my high-paying job to venture into business. The income from that job became the basis of computing my child support amount. My business ventures didn't pan out. Now, my income is 80% lesser. With my reduced income, I have been struggling to pay and I could only pay half the child support amount each month. This resulted to arrearages piling up. I am going to request for a modification. I should've done that sooner. My question is, am I qualified to get a compromise on my child support arrearages?

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Unless the other party agrees to forgive your arrearages there is nothing that can be done on the back support. You can always file and try to get your current amount lowered, but leaving a job to go into business doesn't usually look good when that business fails. If your income really dropped 80% because of a decision you made that "didn't pan out," why should your child suffer with less support? Be prepared to answer that question. That having been said, if you are making that much less money, the amount you are paying should go down although perhaps not to what your actual income is, since the decrease is your fault. I recommend a consultation with a lawyer to discuss the specific facts in your case.

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