Am I obligated to pay rent past the end of my lease?

Asked over 3 years ago - Camarillo, CA

My lease officially ends August 31st and I am leaving the apartment complex due to unsafe conditions and terrible management. I spoke with the office a few weeks ago telling them I was leaving at the end of the lease. On Sunday, I received a phone call from the office asking when I was coming in to sign a new lease. I went to explain again that I was leaving and was told I could not because I did not sign the official notice of vacation paperwork and that I am liable for rent 30 days from when I officially sign it. They claimed they are not required to tell me about this paperwork and refused to provide a copy that I could take and review before signing it. I was forced to sign it right there "promising" to pay the additional 2 weeks' rent. Is this legal? What do I do?

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  1. Frank Wei-Hong Chen

    Contributor Level 20

    Answered . No, you are not obligated to pay rent past the expiration of your lease if you already move out by that date.

    Your obligations regarding providing notice of vacation should be set forth in your lease agreement. Apparently, there was no such provisions in your lease agreement.

    You should not have been forced to sign anything requiring you to pay two additional weeks of rent. However, if you already signed it, then you are likely stuck with complying with it unless you can get it set aside under the legal defense of "duress".

    I assume you are going to move out on August 31 as planned. Your options are to either pay the 2 additional weeks rent and move out on August 31 or not pay the additional 2 weeks and still move out on August 31 (and wait to see if the landlord/management company sue you for the two weeks-- at which time, you bring up the duress defense).

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  2. Scott Richard Kaufman


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    Answered . I highly recommend demanding a pre-move out inspection regarding your deposit. If they do not provide one you will then be entitled to your entire deposit. If they do provide one they have to document any "issues" with the place and give you a copy before you move. Just a bit more protection for you as you go through this period of moving...

    I do not represent you or anyone out there in cyberspace unless we have a signed (by both parties) working... more

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