Am I obligated to buy renter's insurance?

My landlord is requesting me to buy an insurance before renting his place. Is this normal? .

Dallas, TX -

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Sarahjane Davidson

Sarahjane Davidson

Real Estate Attorney - Houston, TX

Yes - the landlord can make that a condition of the lease. And yes, it's pretty normal.

C. Andrew Campbell

C. Andrew Campbell

Litigation Lawyer - Mesa, AZ

Are you obligted to buy renter's insurance - not unless there is a provision in a lease agreement that you have entered into that requires you to buy renter's insurance? Is it a normal request for a landlord to request the tenant to obtain rental insurance prior to leasing a property? I appears to be becoming more common. Can the landlord refuse to rent his property to someone unless that person obtains renter's insurance - I do not know not beling licensed in Texas, but I am not aware of any real reason that a requirement of renter's insurance would be invalid. Of course, if you are providing housing under any local, state or federal subsidy programs there may be restrictions on what you can require of a tenant.

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