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Am i looking at jail time now?

Moreno Valley, CA |

I payed 90$ an 1st signed up for house arrest the bi-weekly amount was 618$ however i could not afford so i went and changed to work release and payed another 90$. I missed my 1st day to report then went to report the second day and was Told to go speak with the work release program Again.

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  1. I would talk to the program again and see what can be done. Otherwise, talk to your attorney and see what can be done to get back in the program.

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  2. Probably not, but I am not sure of your prior history or how the work release program will report your failure to report - or how probation and the judge will react. There is no black-and-white rule on this sort of thing. Just show a good attitude and show up on time ready to work hard next time, if there is such an opportunity.

  3. Maybe. Depends on the Judge, your history regarding convictions and VOPs, and local jail overcrowding.

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  4. If the work release program down there is anything like the one up here in Sacramento, it's run by the local Sheriff. The Sheriff has absolute authority to accept you back into the program or not accept you. If they don't accept you back, you may very well be going to jail if completing work release was a condition of your probation.

    Up here, the Sheriff is increasingly adopting a zero tolerance policy for no-shows.

    You may need to go back to court to plead your case to a judge. Talk to your attorney or hire a new one.

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