Am I in Breach of a Limited Non compete agreement in Florida?

I work for a condominium management company and have been working at the same property for 2 years. The condo is dropping the management company for reasons that they have not disclosed to me and they have offered me a job working directly for the association. My non compete says that for 1 year I will not own, control, operate, or have any interest in, the operation of any business which is the same or similar to the employer.

Sarasota, FL -

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Blaise E. Picchi

Blaise E. Picchi

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney - Fort Lauderdale, FL

There are a number of guides to the interpretation of non-compete clauses in Florida. Look under "Research Legal Issues" above. Try this one for starters:

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Scott M. Behren

Scott M. Behren

Employment / Labor Attorney - Fort Lauderdale, FL

You need to have a lawyer review the terms of the non compete and discussvit with you. I have some postings that are relevant on my employee rights blog www.takethisjobnshoveitblog .com.

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