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Am I grandfathered into section 245i?

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In 1989 my father became a permanent resident through an i700 petition filed by his employer. I was 6 years old at the time. Am I still grandfathered into section 245i with this petition? Even though he adjusted status through an i700 and not i140. My spouse is a US citizen.

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  1. An immigrant visa petition or labor certification is required to accord Section 245(i) eligibility. An I-700 is an Amnesty/Seasonal Agricultural Worker application.

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  2. More information is needed to answer your question. Did your father file any type of petition on your behalf? If so, when? If your wife is a US citizen, other relief may be available to you. You should consult with an immigration attorney who can review all the facts of your situation. Good luck!

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  3. There is no way to be grandfathered in unless a separate petition had been filed for you as well. In that case what happened with the process? In any event since your spouse is a USC, you might have another avenue for a green card.

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  4. To be grandfathered in under 245(i) you must be the beneficiary of a labor cert of visa petition filed on or before Jan 14, 1998, or that was filed after Jan 14, 1998 but on/before Apr 30, 2001 and you were physically present in the US on Dec 21, 2001. The types of forms that labor certs of marriage visas that qualify are an I-130, I-140, I-360, or I-526. Unfortunately, an I-700 won't get it done for you. It helps that you were a derivative at the time, and the I-70 petition was certainly approved before 1998, but it's just not the petition USCIS requires.
    If your spouse is a USC, and you have been in the US for many years without departures, and you have no criminal issues, consider an I-130 marriage visa petition with an I-485 adjustment of status application with an I-601a provisional unlawful presence waiver. It's a lot of paperwork, preparation, and filing fees, but it will get the job done if you meet the requirements.

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