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Am i gonna be fine?

Garden Grove, CA |

this incident happen 4 years before i got my citizenship. i shoplift at target and almost got caught in the act but i never walk out of the store, i bring 2 dvds into the restroom a begin to tear out the cover and i heard someone walking in so i stop and walk out and put the dvd on the counter and he look at me and ask me to the cashier and ask if im gonna buy it and i said im not sure and i think he ask for my name and dob and kick me out but i was never arrest or fingerprinted and receive letter of court date and never went to court, and i wonder if its gonna be on my record? can it give me any problem when i apply for citizenship? cause i got my citizenship and driver license without a problem. if its on my record they wouldve interview me about it right and give me some problem?

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Your story line appears to be a happy ending. First of all the incident may her too old to prosecute.Second, it appears that there is no evidence is gathered to prosecute you.
However, in USCIS applications there are questions about crimes that may have been committed in which you have not been arrested or convicted. So prior to your filing Form N-400 for naturalization consult an immigration attorney,

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If you weren't contacted by the police. There is no record.

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No arrest, no prosecution, no conviction = no record. Yes, you will be fine.

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