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Am I going to jail.

San Bernardino, CA |
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I have 1 count perjury and 2 counts welfare fraud against me. I already have an agreement to pay the money back and have been doing so but they filed charges in san bernardino county anyways. Am i going to jail.

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Impossible to say. You need to ask your lawyer. Probation is possible.

The answers on this discussion board are general in nature and NOT intended as legal advice. Responding to questions does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. Always see a lawyer about your individual situation.


"Am I going to jail?" is a question I hope I never have to ask. But if my freedom was at risk I would run as fast as I could to the best criminal defense lawyer I could afford. You don't want to rely on free advice from the internet. You need a lawyer who can look at all your evidence, hear all the facts, and provide an informed opinion. If you truly are at risk of jail time, your lawyer will know the steps you need to take to avoid or minimize such jail time. If "they" have filed charges, "they" must be serious about trying to punish you. I wouldn't leave this matter to chance, if I were you.


If you are being charged with a crime, do not talk about on a public website. Go talk to a criminal attorney or public defender.

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