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Am i going to get a misdemeanor or face jail time?

Cape Coral, FL |

I was previously in a car accident where i have no license , i have never been issued one . Nobody was hurt and there was no property damage except to the car itself . I was given a citation and a court date . This being i have no previous record or mark . I am a minor and stay out of trouble ( drugs , alcohol , etc ) . I was sober while driving , the indecent report stated that i was reckless driving . What is going to be my punishment ? This is my first offense , first time in court . I take full responsibility for my actions , will i be sentenced to jail time ?

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  1. You are definitely going to need a local criminal/traffic defense attorney to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

    Also, I am not sure how old you are, but please let this be a lesson to you not to drive any more until you are licensed to do so and with permission to use the car. You and the community are extremely lucky that no one was hurt. Using someone's car without their permission, which I presume happened here, prevents recovery from any insurance coverage on that vehicle had someone been hurt and needed that coverage.

    Good luck.

    My opinion and position stated above is not determinative of your rights, and you are free to seek other legal opinions. Should you decide to retain a lawyer, you should do so immediately as a statute of limitations may preclude you from bringing the claim in the future. If you are unclear about my opinion or you want to discuss this matter further, please feel free to call me at 305-536-3400.

  2. Unlikely. Retain a local criminal lawyer to defend.

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  3. Hire a lawyer to help defend this. A traffic ticket lawyer should able to assist with this.

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