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Am I entitled to any payment made by me to an overpayment SSD and recovery of my own money and the underpayment?

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Approx. 2.5 to 3 years ago, I was sent notice of an overpayment. (Amt $40,000). Whoa! was the first response. I reported earning when in my trial work period but they had adjusted it clear back to 1998, etc. So I request a waiver, did a pymnt arrangement for a short time of $50 until I could get before the ALJ, then it somehow got reduced to (20,000) with an underpayment found. I was receiving SSD, went back to work, then SSA said they owed me when I forced my bank account down to prevent a second overpayment. There is more. However, I went before he ALJ and today got notice in the mail that the judge found a "FULLY FAVORABLE" decision and waiver of the said overpayment. I have read that I should receive back any payments applied if I won at the ALJ level.

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    In about a week, I would contact your local social security office and inquiry. By then they should have notice of the order and should be able to verify the waiver.

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  2. I would douby you will get any money. SSA is not saying you were due the money- just that the money you owe them was not due to your fault and they will not make you pay it back now. It may depend on the exact wording on the decision.

    That said, when SSA waives an overpayment, they usually waive the amount still uncollected, and do not say part of it has been collected and can now be re-released to the claimant. A waiver means in fact you HAVE been overpaid, they just agree to not collect it now. So, even if the decision waived the entire amount, SSA is not going to voluntarily send you the amount you were 'underpaid" because that is money you were not due in the first place.

    So, I would not expect to receive any additional payments

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