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Am I entitled do any compensation?

Riverdale, GA |

My husband and I were robbed at gun point at a local 24 hr restaurant while waiting on our to-go order. Two gunmen entered with masks demanding everybody get on the floor, give us your money and cell phones. This was the first time we've experienced anything like this, it has almost been a month and we still have reoccurring nightmares and trouble sleeping, have been treated at the local ER for chest pains and anxiety,and have had to take medication just to sleep at night. Also because our phones were taken, we had to file an insurance claim causing us to pay 130.00 deductibles per phone.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Sure you have a claim - as long as you can identify and serve the two gunmen with a lawsuit. Otherwise, you don't tell us exactly who you think should pay. Compensation from who?

  2. You may have a claim if there has been other violence at the restaurant where you were eating. For example if this is not the first time the restaurant has been robbed, you may have a negligent security claim. Contact the local police department and find out if there are other incidents at this location, or nearby. If so, contact an attorney.