Am I being unfairly kept behind at work against my own will ?.

I have a part time job here in the UK within a retail store. I work from 4:30 to 8:30 but often get kept behind to put random products back on the shelves and maintain them. It would be around 8:45 that they would let us go but that's not what concerns me too much. Its the fact that they lock us in the store until we are done which almost makes me feel like a prisoner. I dread to think how long they would make me stay on a bad day that means putting more items back. So is this legel ?. Should i bother actually doing something about it because it is very fishy. I would appreciate any possible responses.

Usk, WA -

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Christine C McCall

Christine C McCall

Administrative Law Lawyer - Pasadena, CA

You need to be putting this post where UK barristers and legal staff will see it. Very few attorneys here can opine about rights of workers in the UK.

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