Am I at fault if someone hits my long board and it damaged their side mirror?

Asked over 1 year ago - Irvine, CA

I was long boarding one night and then I fell off my long board, my long board started rolling down the street and then a car ended up running over it as it was turning right on an intersection, my long board ended up flying up in the air and hitting his side mirror which caused his side mirror to break. Before he hit my long board I tried running towards his car to stop him from going but he kept on driving that's why he hit my long board. I was wondering if I am at fault for this or not? He's asking me to pay for my side mirror, should I pay for it? Because he technically hit my board because he wasn't paying attention on the street?

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    Answered . Pay for the mirror - it's your fault for losing control of your long board

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    Answered . I fully agree with Mr. Crosner. Pay the mirror. You have no way to avoid liability for the damages to the mirror.

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    Answered . I'm sorry that you were in an accident. Mr. Cosner is absolutely correct in his response. If you think he is asking for too much to pay for the mirror, then you have a different problem. Best of luck.

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    Answered . Unfortunately, the accident would be your fault because you lost control of your long board.

    Of course, you can refuse to settle and force the driver to sue you in small claims court, but then you will likely be liable for their filing fee in addition to the actual damage. Plus, you will lose the ability to negotiate a partial payment, or payment in installments, which you cannot do once the driver obtains an actual court judgment.

    Good luck.

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    Answered . Pay for the mirror

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