Am I allowed to see the bank statements of a trust that was managed for me by a family member when my parents died ?

My father died in 1997. A trust was set up that was managed by my uncle. I have reason to suspect that he might have used a substantial portion of my money on a real estate purchase. I have been asking him to see the bank statements from that time period and he is denying my requests. There may have also been other funds used in inappropriate ways. He lives in California and I live in New York City. I was 20 years old when the trust was established.

Brooklyn, NY -

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Jeffrey Bruce Gold

Jeffrey Bruce Gold

Lawsuit / Dispute Attorney - Bellmore, NY

Is the Trust still in existence? I'm asking because of concerns with the Statute of Limitations.

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Nancy Robin Stone

Nancy Robin Stone

Estate Planning Attorney - New York, NY

If you are asking as a current trust beneficiary, the answer is "yes". You should be provided with information regarding the trust for your benefit, especially if you request it. If the trust has terminated, and if it was a New York trust, it may make sense for you to bring a proceeding to compel an accounting, depending upon how long ago the trust terminated and how long ago your Uncle gave up responsibility for the trust.

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