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Am I able to sue Cumberland Farms for fountain soda addiction?

South Dartmouth, MA |

I was employed by the company, and as an employee, I was allowed as much free fountain soda as I wanted.
I do not work there any longer.
Due to this, I have been EXTREMELY addicted to their diet coke fountain soda since then, and this has been over four years! I do not drink any other fluids besides this!
They also allow any size cup or container all for the same price. I bring my own very large cup from 7'eleven to Cumberlands to fill up at least three times a day, and I'm known well at each store from this addiction!
It's very unhealthy for me, but I am beyond hooked to this stuff due to it being provided free when I worked for them

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Of course not! It's not harmful to your health, although some would argue otherwise, and no one forced you to drink it. Try cutting down each day and go from there. Best of luck.

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You likely do not have a cause of action against Cumberland farms.

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I like the way you think. Any more ideas?


No, you can not sue. This is a subject for a mental health professional. You should seek treatment from a mental health counselor or nutritionist specializing in food addiction.

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