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Am I able to file an amended Schedule or Statement of Financial Affairs after filing a Chapter 7 Voluntary Petition?

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If so, am I able to file individual amended schedules or must I re-file the entire set?

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check the local bankruptcy court's website for any variations on the form that amendments should be made.

with few exceptions amending your schedules and forms is easy and you need only file the amended schedule or form along with notice and most of the time a certificate of service saying that you've mailed a copy of the amendment to all creditors on the matrix, the trustee and the united states trustee.


In the bankruptcy courts I have practiced in, you would only file the amended portion, and not the entire petition or schedule. In many places, you must also file a cover sheet and you should check the website of your local court (not the ECF site) for the required forms and to review a copy of the local rules.

Hope this perspective helps!

Diane L Gruber

Diane L Gruber


PLEASE! Consult with a BK attorney ASAP!


It depends on the district in which you filed your petition. Each district has local rules that will address the subject of amending your petition.

In the Eastern District of Virginia, you must only amend and sign the schedules/information that you are changing, not the entire petition.


Usually you would file an amended schedule, plus and local rule affidavits/forms, as opposed to refiling the entire petition and schedules. As my colleagues have stated, check your local bk court rules.

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